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LRB Silky Touch Mask 30 g [LSTM32010]


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Beauty Result
- A gentle exfoliating mask that refreshes and cleanses
- Enhances the removal of dead skin and promotes cellular regeneration.
- Tightens the appearance of pores and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
- Tightens and firms mature skin
- Refines skin texture visibly
- The skin revitalized and illuminated immediately regains its luster
- Active Pollen Extract: encourages cellular regeneration
- Sunflower Extract: holds protective properties and anti-aging benefits
- Natural Plant Concentrate Extract: energizing and refreshing
On thoroughly cleansed face
- Apply Magic Drop (to increase the efficiency of mask).
- Mix a small amount of Silky Touch Mask with the same amount of water
- Spread the mixture over entire face and neck
- Leave for 3 minutes (dry and sensitive skin) 10 minutes (oily skin), then rinse with water.
- Use 2 to 3 times per week under prolonged.
*disclaimer –  Results may vary base on the individual.
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