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LRB PhytoStem© Spot Remover [LPSR32011]


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Beauty Result
- Target and reduces the appearance of brown spots, freckles or other areas of hyper-pigmented
- In 28 days the spots are visibly reduced and skin regains its radiance
- Blocks lasting repigmentation for luminous skin
- Protects skin from UV radiation led to the appearance of dark spots
- Stem cells from Apple Malus Domestica Rare: the regenerative powers of stem cells are a real plant activator for young skin
- 360 ° Stainless Steel Rollerball: draining effect that stimulates the lymphatic system to drain toxins
- Extract of Licorice: naturally brightens spots for an even complexion
- Diacetyl Boldin: blocks repigmentation and prevents the recurrence of excessive melanin.
- Cetyl palmitate: natural derivative of palm oil, it has excellent emollient and soothing effects on the skin
- Use the Phytostem © Anti-Spots on thoroughly cleansed skin, morning and evening.
- Deliver the product and roll the ball in circular motion on the treated area until completely absorbed
- Use in treatment for 28 days minimum for a lasting result
*disclaimer –  Results may vary base on the individual.
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