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LRB Magic Drops (50ml) [LMDL32009]


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Beauty Result
- Magic Drop replaces a traditional toner
- Magic Drop is the first beauty step that prepares the skin care (day and night) by increasing the efficiency of any product/treatment applied afterward.
- Magic Drop protects dry and sensitive skin, regulates oily skin and invigorates tired skin.
*disclaimer –  Results may vary base on the individual.
- Flax Seed Extracts: contains powerful anti-oxidant and anti-irritant properties and protects sensitive skin while moisturizing the skin.
- Liquorice Extract: naturally regulates the secretion of sebum and soothes oily skin or acne.
- Cleanse thoroughly the face and neck with LRB’s Anti-Oxidant Brightening Milk Cleanser
- Apply a few drops of Magic drop on the skin by gently massaging over the entire face and neck
- Use Magic Drop daily, morning and evening, before the application of day cream and night cream
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