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Lavender Slimming Oil Set(+Himalayan Salt) | MASSAGE, FAT BURNING [BUND008]


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Expressions LAVENDER SLIMMING BUNDLE ready for you!
We want you to have the best offer in Expressions.
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Get three lavender slimming oil and get the FREE 1KG Himalayan Salt (worth$25) !

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imalayan Pink Crystal Grain Salt ( Fine )
Himalayan Pink Salt is a pure, hand-mined, salt that is derived from accent sea salt deposits. It is the purest form of salt available on the market today, as it has over 84 minerals retained in its composure in addition to an abundant iron level. The himalayan Pink Salt is used by holistic chefs, healers, and therapists for its nutritional and therapeutic properties. 
Externally used, the Pink Himalayan salt stimulates circulation, activates deep relaxation, lower blood pressure, sooth muscular tensions, and actually detoxify impurities from the body. 

Himalayan Pink Salt has a rich mineral content that includes over 84 minerals and trace elements such as: calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron.  This salt is recognized for its beautiful pink color, high mineral content, and its therapeutic properties.  


The Purest Form of Salt in the World
Due to it’s therapeutic and nutritional properties, Himalayan Salt is used by holistic professionals around the world in healing, cooking, spa treatments, skin therapy and respiratory system treatments. It has a wide range of uses from stimulating circulation and helping to relieve signs of Allergies and Asthma, to treating Acne and other skin conditions such as Psoriasis, and is increasingly used by individuals worldwide in it’s culinary, bath and beauty and crystal lighting forms.

1. Shower and wash thoroughly before taking a detox bath.
2. Fill your tub with water that is about 98-100 degrees, just at or slightly above body temperature. This allows for maximum absorption and will also make you sweat. If you prefer hot baths, then enjoy it hot. You'll still experience an effective detox.
3. Dissolve Himalayan salts in the tub as it's filling. If your salts are chunky, you may need to let them sit overnight in a large pot of water to fully dissolve. If using essential oils, add them to the running water as your tub fills.
4. Soak in the tub for as long as feels comfortable, 40 minutes is generally recommended.
5. Remember to stay hydrated! Drink water before and after detox
6. When you're finished, drain the tub and get out slowly. Some weakness is to be expected. Some people recommend showering again after the detox bath, however it's best to air dry, letting the mineral-rich water soak into your skin.

*disclaimer – Results may vary base on the individual.

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