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INOKIM Light Foldable E-Scooter 10.4Ah | INOKIM Light 7.8Ah | 36 V 250W


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Following the successful launch of the INOKIM Quick Series comes the beautifully designed INOKIM Light.

built with a compact 13kg streamline body and decent 8.5″ tires for practicality and style, the INOKIM Light folds effortlessly for a quick carry. Many electric scooters that emphasize on lightweight & compact features have relatively small tires. Thus, many commuters may feel insecure while traveling. However, it is not a matter to be concerned of as the INOKIM Light has fairly decent tires for its compact size. Therefore allowing the user to enjoy a stable and safe ride.


The compact design of the INOKIM Light also allows commuters to bring it onto public transportations with ease. It provides portability, along with the same feeling of comfort and ruggedness, as loved by riders of the INOKIM Quick Series.

In addition, the INOKIM Light’s cables were cleverly designed to be concealed within the body.Coupled with the sleek outlook of the foldable electric scooter, the INOKIM Light looks more elegant, neat, and tidy. With all these features packed in this compact electric scooter, the INOKIM Light is totally LTA Compliant.

The INOKIM Light is affordable and meets the basic needs of commuters. It is the ultimate personal electric vehicle for urban commuters who desires an alternative to walking that last mile.

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