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About Us

Expressions is a recognized pioneer in the industry that introduced the concept of "Total Wellness" based on the fact that, looking and feeling good is a natural consequence of being healthy and fit.                

The Total Wellness philosophy embraces a holistic and natural approach to achieve health and beauty. Our inner well-being affects the condition of our health and appearance; hence we encourage our clients to attain peace within them by adopting a positive and proactive attitude to life. 

Expressions pride itself on its commitment to exclusively provide products, programs and services that are of the best quality. Our programs are the result of thorough research. We restore clients' health and beauty by activating the body's natural ability to regenerate itself through herbal ingredients, a common thread in all Expressions' products. 

In order to achieve total wellness, the six-step holistic approach (New Age 6R Principles) was adopted where natural products are used to create a “Total Expressions Experience”.

In order to stay ahead of its peers, Expressions constantly seek to improve customer service and therapists’ knowledge by providing regular up to date trainings.


Aspire to be the leaders of the Wellness Industry in Singapore and China


Expressions aims to help individuals to attain total wellness and cultivate a healthy lifestyle using natural and reliable products, coupled with professional and personalized services to achieve desired results in the shortest possible time.

Core Values 

Expressions’ core values lies in providing high standards of customer service care, advocating staff performance excellence as well as pursuing integrity, teamwork and high hygiene standards. We also aim to look after our employees’ welfare to make sure they are comfortable and happy within the workplace



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