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Guidelines for Expressions 3-Day Detox Health Kit

Benefits at end of 3 DAYS Diet Program

After a 3 day cleanse, you should be able to shed a few kg of water and waste generally. You can continue the 4 day diet with potassium broth, salads, steam veggies and fresh fruits, 3 meals a day. This experience usually motivates those who are overweight to continue with the Expressions Assures Weight and Inch Loss Program. In addition to weight loss, the user will experience wellness and health benefits. 

It is recommended that you follow the 3 day Diet plan in conjunction with Expressions Weight Lipolysis Contour Slimming treatment that had synergy effects to achieve the the wellness goal.
*Results varies from individuals 

The Detox Kit Including 
       Wheat Bran (90 Capsules) * 1
       Formula C (90 Capsules) * 1
       Formula D (90 Capsules) * 1

Behaviour Modification

Increase Your Intake Of Fiber
It fills you up without filling you out! Choose from whole wheat pastas, bread, brown rice, bran cereals and fruits (without added sugar).

Excessive Salty Foods Promote Water Retention
Limit your salt intake and spike up your intake of foods with freash garlic, herbs and salt-free powdered spices.

Avoid Sugar Sweets And Alcohol
They are high in empty-calories and will show in the resulting weight gain.

Start Exercising
To immediately begin shedding pounds, and toning your body, working out can help accelerate weight loss while on a detox. Increasing tour activity level as part of your daily routine to boost up your metabolic rate.

Wellness Tips

Drink at least 8 glasses of fresh water during the day. It is better if you drink four 8 oz glasses in the morning before eating. Water that the body does not utilize in the digestive process is used to cleanse and detoxify the body.

Keep a well balanced diet, while being aware of any symptoms onset by nutritional deficiencies. Vitamin C and minerals are especially important to help build and renew cells.

Purification Program 3 Days Diet With Fruits & Potassium Broth
*Body detoxification has been the core philosophy behind many culture's healing and rejuvenating for thousands of years. 
*Due to the ever-growing environmental pollution, residues from drugs, medicines, processed food and unwanted waste are trapped in our bodies. The purification process is essential for maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.

Directions for Expressions 3-day Purification Program
Every 3 days, you need to prepare a lemon juice mixture.
a) 2 bottles (1.5 liter) distilled/pure water
b) 4 yellow lemons (freshly squeezed)
c) 4 oz (1/3) bottle maple syrup - Grade C

Recipe For Potassium Broth
Step 1  Put in a large pot 1 1/2 quarts of pure water.
Step 2  A  1 large chopped round onion, 3 medium sliced carrots, 2 large cubed potatoes with skin (scrub well),1 bunch chopped parsley, 2 stalks celery, cur into 1" piece with tops.
Step 3 Bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Strain and discard vegetables.
Step 4 Add vegetable salt to taste
Step 5 Broth can be made in advance and refrigerated before heating.
Supplement For Each Day
As you take this supplement, you should drink the entire prepared lemon mixture throughout the day at an hourly interval, plus another 1.5 liter distilled water. You should not suffer from hunger pangs during detox as this food, in liquid form, enters the blooodstream faster and hence should allay hunger. Should you feel hungry though, drink the mixture more often.

Day 1 - Morning and Evening take: 2C, 8WB, 2D
Day 2 - Morning and Evening take: 2C, 8WB, 2D
Day 3 - Morning and Evening take: 2C, 8WB, 2D

Herbs Used In This Program
Formula C Capsules - FC
Consists of a combination of 10 herbs. Contains a bowel tonic and rebuilding formula, helping to improve intestinal absorption of vital nutrients while decreasing the absorption of toxins.

Formula - FD
Assist in body cleanse and detoxification.

Wheat Bran/ Psyllium Capsules - WB
A superior fiber that speeds up body's food processing time, providing important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Helps lower cholesterol level as well as cleanse intestinal tract

Fresh Lemons
Pure maple syrup and distilled water

Effects of PurificationDuring Purification, some may experience headaches, or feel nauseous. These symptoms are only onset because the herbs are so effective in drawing toxins waste and congestion from the body.  These symptoms may occur as toxins are stirred up, prior to being flushed out of the body, depending on your body's the level of accumulated toxicity. For example a person may taste tobacco even though he has not smoked for 2 years. 

 The body's blood sugar level has dropped. Rectification: take additional one or two tablespoons of pure maple syrup in a glass of lemon juice mixture
 The system is not eliminating fluids at a fast enough pace. Rectification: Drink the lemon juice and distilled water on a very regular basis
 Suggested snacks to relieve nausea or light headaches. Cut two green apples into wedges; squeeze fresh lemon juice over wedges to prevent browning. Put into plastic bags. 1 small bunch of green grapes.
 During these 3 days diet, if constipation occurs, increase dosage of Expressions formula C.
 The process of Purification involves the drawing out your system's poison into your blood stream, to be eliminated. The process may bring on slight discomfort, especially if it is your first time you detox, however, it will become easier as your body becomes cleaner.
Before And After


*disclaimer – Actual results of the product and services may vary per individual. No individual result should be seen as typical.

Question And AnswersIs detoxification just another fad?
No, it is essential to our well being today. Fasting and detoxification programmes have been around for thousands of years and are used frequently to promote the body's well-being.

What will happen if I do not detox?
Your body will soon let you know if it is feeling below par, listen to the warning signs. Acknowledge and be aware of toxic overload becoming prevalent as ill health and common diseases such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, depression, asthma, diabetes, arthritis and countless others are on the increase.

How will I know if my body needs a detox?
Some of the early warning signs and symptoms manifest in the form of fatigue, headaches, skin problems, mood swings, addictions, bloating, indigestion, allergies, aches and pains, weakened immune systems, constipation and Irritable bowel syndrome. 

Will the plan be easy?
You take detox to a level that is comfortable for you. Most of us are aware of what is good or bad for us. We have choices. When we put our minds to something we know is good for us it is not usually too difficult. 
How can a toxin harm me?
A toxin is a poison, ingest it and cell breakdown will begin, this will lead to tissue breakdown this in turn can lead to organ death. 

How can I prevent the damage?
Make sure your body is given a balanced diet of all the food nutrients to enable it to fight of any harmful toxic affects. 

How will a detox programme help?
A detoxification or cleansing programme incorporating healthy food choices will help to prevent cell damage. This will enable the body to decongest and heal, allowing optimum health to prevail.

How often should I detox?
It depends on the individual body's needs. Once or twice or trice a year is usually sufficient depending on your level of indulgence during the interim periods.
What should I expect to see?
After a programme people report a renewed sense of well-being, increased energy, better sleep, calmer, clearer skin, clarity of thought, balanced hormones and weight loss for those whose body's needed it.

Do I have to drink water?
Yes this is the number one key for detoxification, without this the body will have great difficulty in operating efficiently. Cordials do not support detoxification. Try hot water with fresh lemon or loose herbal teas.

Can I eat soya products, corn and tofu whilst on this programme?
Yes, it does add to creating congestion so make sure you have lots of fruit, vegetables, fibres and water to encourage good elimination.

Should I take painkillers for the headaches?
Ideally not. When we release toxins from skin tissue and blood cells headaches can occur. The body's organs especially liver and kidneys requires support to process the toxins that is why we drink water. The headaches should subside. From experience though the more toxic the bigger the headache.

Will I lose weight?
First and foremost, the programme is to encourage well being. If the body is well and functioning efficiently there should be no reason for ill health or weight gain. Whilst detoxifying the body functions more efficiently and if it needs to and is able it will discard any unnecessary waste.

How long should I continue on this plan?
The end of the 30 days will have given you enough time to notice improvements in your health and gained more of an understanding of the foods we require staying well. It generally takes approximately three months to transform new blood cells and skin tissue. If you were to stick to 80% of the plan and 20% a little of what you fancy you should continue to feel and look well. 

Can men do this plan?
Yes absolutely, we all deserve the right to be well. 

Should I exercise on this plan?
Exercise is imperative for good health. Gentle exercise such as pilates, yoga, walking, swimming should be fine. Sometimes we can feel tired when our body is undergoing a detox programme as you begin to feel more energetic by all means embark on your chosen form of exercise. Listen to your body, do not push unnecessarily.


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