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Simply create an account and get Expressions Membership!
Uncountable benefits are followed for the members!

 How can I join the membership?

1) Click ‘Create an account’, and put a simple information.
2) Welcome for being Expressions member!

How can I use the points?

The collected points can be used from the second purchase
Join us now, and get exclusive :)


* First step: Sign up by clicking the 'sign up' button on the top.

* Second step: You can check your points by clicking 'rewards program' on the left side.

* Third step: When you log in, the first page you might see would be 'my account'. Or, click your name on the top and it goes to the 'my account'. When you reach 500 points, you can use the points by clicking as the picture.

*Fourth step: If you clicked the button on the previous page, it will be linked to 'Contact' page. Just tell us you want to use the points then we will send you the code to use it. You can put the code you send you when you purchase the product. 

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