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Behind the Scenes with Darryl Yong!

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Meet the new face for Men’s Expressions, Darryl Yong. We made our way down to Expressions’ Thomson outlet where the popular Singaporean actor was in the midst of a video shoot.

The easy-going hunk was all smiles and professional throughout the 3-hour filming. All eyes were on him as he presented his well-defined body which left everyone drooling over! In-between takes, we managed to get hold of Darryl for a short interview behind the scenes.

Hi Darryl, thank you for taking the time to shoot at Expressions despite your packed filming schedule.  I’m sure everyone out there would like to know - are you working on any current projects?

Currently, it is one of my busier periods! I’m still acting in Tanglin, a long-form drama which is on every day at 8.30pm on Channel 5. I’m also involved in a few more projects. One is an upcoming movie, Lucky Boy; I’m playing one of the supporting roles in there, so that one is keeping me busy. I also have another telemovie relating to teenage pregnancy coming up.
You can also look forward to Tenants The Movie which I’ll have a part in. Expressions/Men’s Expressions is supporting the movie as a sponsor - that was also how I got involved in this project!

Prior to the filming, have you heard about Expressions before?

Darryl: Definitely! Expressions has been around for many years, and I believe many good things have been mentioned about them. That explains why I was more than happy to help endorse and be a part of the brand. Most people think of Expressions as a female brand since it’s about beauty, but I want to change their mindsets. I hope for men to put in more effort in taking care of themselves. It’s not so much about looking good, but more about finding out about their body fats and BMIs to know how physically healthy they are, which I find is important.

You’ve done various types of filming previously. But how was the shoot like today – what was the whole experience like?

Darryl: I like the fact that everything was short and sweet. Some filmings can be rather draggy, depending on the script, location and cast. This is a simple project where you get the information out straight, which is fast, convenient and easy. Also, I thought today’s shoot was very smooth. It’s all within timeline and the results are ideal.

I’m sure you’d tried a few of the treatments at Men’s Expressions. Do you have a favourite?

Darryl: I’ve tried the Isogei and Body System - I must say that the Body System is my favourite. I think it is like an abs workout because 4 packs will be placed on the abs, and you will feel a crunching motion. The electricity that they use to shock that muscle group makes you feel like you’re doing a mini crunch with just a little bit of effort. Personally, that’s what I prefer, because for Isogei, it targets individual muscles. I like the impact of having the whole muscle group cramped together better. It feels like you are doing a workout.

Lastly, do you have anything to say to those who are interested in giving Men’s Expressions a go?

Darryl: You should! Firstly, I think this whole place has a very nice environment. You come here, it’s not too packed, and you arrange according to your timing. Next, there are 2 convenient outlets around and a nutritionist who gives advice on your diet. Furthermore, the price is also affordable and I think you are getting value for money. Personally, I would also love to want to be a part of it!

Watch Darryl in the videos for Men’s Expressions below!

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Photos by Joey Ong & Joanne Ongkeko

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