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How to Get Long Perfect Lashes In Seconds

Posted by Yujin Chew on

            Having the latest and greatest mascara can leave your lashes looking big and bold, but having your lashes perfectly curled when you wear that mascara will turn heads for all the right reasons. Imagine having a beautiful, tight, and natural curl on each of your lower and upper lashes before applying makeup.

            You can have the lashes everyone wants in a matter of seconds. With a heated eyelash curler the hold you have always imagined with a regular lash curler is achievable. The heated lash comb allows for the distorting of hair direction, just like a straighter or regular hair curler. Once the device has heated, simply running the lash-comb in a curling fashion over each of your eyelashes slowly (5-8 seconds) will leave you with runway ready lashes.

            The eyelash curlers are safe for the skin and hair since the heating technology has been carefully formulated to heat to the perfect temperature for lash curling without burning. Additionally, the heating comb of the lash curler has been designed so that each lash hair is separate, to allow for the most evenly combed look achievable.

            Once your lashes are firmly curled you may apply any mascara of your preference to give you look you desire.


            You can check the handpicked selection of heated eyelash curlers for sale on Expressions here.

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