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Facial Brush: Why Do I Need It?

Posted by Yujin Chew on


Just like when applying makeup, you simply can’t achieve a desirable result when using your hands to wash your face. Nowadays, you need the deep, yet gentle exfoliation that comes with an electric facial cleansing brush.


The rotating and vibrating bristles of any facial cleansing brush will result in a clean deeper than anything possible using any hand-applied exfoliate-wash. 

So why does this matter?

Almost every common skin issue is linked in the inadequate cleaning or the inadequate removal of dead skin tissue from the face. Oily skins, acne, hyperpigmentation, and dry/irritated skin, are all closely related to how we clean our facial tissue and most importantly: our pores.

 Dead skin is one of the peskiest facial villains. A result of sun exposure, environmental exposure, and simply the natural process of human biology would be the death and rejuvenation of tissues, and our face is not exempt, in fact: it is a hyper example of process. Dead tissue, when not properly exfoliated from the face will begin to clog the natural oil and sweat secretion from our pores, which causes blemishes like pimples and acne.

When washing facial tissue with your hands, it is possible to simply push the dead skin into open and large pours, as opposed to removing them from the live tissue, this is simply because our hands alone do not have the bristles to penetrate pours that brushes and facial cleansers do.

You can attempt to avoid getting a facial brush by buying exfoliate washes with beads or grains that serve the purpose of pore accessible cleansing, however many of these washes actually strip away live skin too and end up leaving the face red, dry and irritated as opposed to refreshed and clean.


With the small price of an electric facial brush and the huge benefits, it is almost foolish to go another day without one. Check out expressions facial brush page.               

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